How to Switch to a New Food without Making Your Dog Sick

Switching to a new dog food

When switching your dog to a new food, it’s easy to cause digestive upset… and then unfairly blame the new diet.

This is especially common when you’re…

So, what’s the best way to switch to a new food without making your dog sick?

Reduce your dog’s risk of digestive upset

In the video below…

Dr. Gary Richter shares a simple feeding tip that can help lower your dog’s risk of getting sick when you switch to a new food.

It’s best to switch your dog to a new food… gradually.

Start by mixing 20% “new” with 80% “old” food. Then, slowly increase that amount to a full 100%… over the next 8 to 9 days.

Schedule Old Food New Food
Days 1 and 2 80% 20%
Days 3 and 4 60% 40%
Days 5 and 6 40% 60%
Days 7 and 8 20% 80%
Day 9 0% 100%

Best Dog Food Brands

The pages below include some of The Advisor’s most recommended brands. Look for recipes rated 4 to 5 stars that match your dog’s ideal feeding type.

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